A.Y. 2015-2016 - First Semester

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Registration Schedule

First Semester, Academic Year 2015-2016


Announcement: Due to technical requirements, ONLINE PAYMENT is postponed until further notice.

First Semester, Academic Year 2015-2016
Date Year Level System of Registration/Enrollment
On-line Registration On-Site Registration
May 4 Mon Fifth & Fourth Year and CBA, CAS, COE, CETM, CCS, CBDA, CHK, CGPP  
5 Tues
6 Wed Grade 12 HSU - Old Students
  7 Thurs Third & Second Year and Grade 12 CBA, CAS, COE, CETM, CCS, CBDA, CHK, CGPP CMLI
8 Fri HSU - Old Students
  9 Sat Graduate Programs   CT, MPA, MAED, DEM, PHD
  11 Mon First Year CAS, COE, COAHS  
12 Tues
  13 Wed First Year CETM, CCS, CHK, COAHS CMLI
14 Thurs
15 Fri
  18 Mon First Year CGPP, CBDA, COAHS  
19 Tues
  20 Wed First Year CBA  
21 Thurs
22 Fri
  25 Monday Grade 11 HSU - New Students  
26 Tues
27 Wed
28 Thurs
29 Fri
Registration Schedule for those who took the 2015 summer classes
June 4 Thurs Fourth, Third & Second Year and Grade 11 COE, CTM-Eng'g, COAHS, CHK, CGPP  
5 Fri
6 Sat HSU - New Students


Change of Residency

A student who claims to be a resident must attach any of the following:

  1. Accomplished Residency Verification Form
  2. Vote's ID or latest Voter's Certification if student is 18 yrs. old and above
  3. SK Voter's ID if student is below 18 yrs. old.
  4. Voter's ID or latest Voter's Certification of parents or a brother or a sister.
    • The student and her/his sibling's Birth Certificate are required to verify the truthfulness of the relationship
    • If the guardian is a married sister, student must present the sister's birth and marriage certificate.
No attachments required for Non Makati Residents
Should there be a change in residency; the student
is required to present necessary documents.


Basic Requirements:

Other Requirements:

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