Farewell and Thank You our beloved President Tomas B. Lopez Jr.

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Prof. Tomas B. Lopez Jr.

The privilege of educating young Filipinos was a task Prof. Tomas B. Lopez took to heart. Serving a city in which governance meant bringing progress to its citizens, his 19 years of leadership at the University of Makati embodied the same sense of innovation and the same value of placing constituents at the center of leadership. In almost two decades, he has proven that when we embrace innovation in education, when we create an environment where our students are enabled to prosper, then we truly fulfill the promise of education in the development of nations.

College Entrance Examination

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Faculty Evaluation Announcement

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Be a Megaworld Scholar...Apply Now!

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Sado (The Way of the Tea) – A Japanese Tea Ceremony

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December 12, 2018
By Ezekiel Phillip Deligero

The Urasenke Tankokai Manila Association headed by their President, Mrs. Yuko Sasaki, hosted a free Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Makati Park Japanese House last Friday, December 7, 2018 and Monday, December 10, 2018. The said ceremony was exclusively offered to the HRM students currently enrolled in their Nihonggo Class under Prof. Filameda Horiuchi.

Mrs. Sasaki’s team introduced the “Omonetashi” or “Hospitality” in English. The “Sado” or Tea Ceremony involves a very organized table setting with calm and minimal movements when it comes to preparing and serving the Tea itself. The Tea Ceremony has four elements: purity (of heart and mind), respect (to others), harmony (with people and nature) and tranquility.


OBTL Outlines of your program for the 2nd semester, AY 2018-2019

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Please be informed that the OBTL Outlines of your program for the 2nd semester, AY 2018-2019 are now available and can be printed thru your email account.


UMak CTHM Students Welcome Kansai University Student-Visitors

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