SHS Entrance Examination Result: March 1-31, 2017

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HSU Announcements for Graduating Students

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Schedule of College Graduation Rehearsal

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Online Registration for A.Y. 2017-2018

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The Online Registration for A.Y. ‎2017-2018 is until May 28, 2017. Please see the links below.

For Incoming Grade 11:

For College Freshmen and Transferees:

Updated Assessment Skills and Competencies Examination Schedules

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UMak Participates in DOLE’s Philippine Talent Map Initiative

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The OJT and Placement Services Center (OPSC) of the university, in partnership with the Department and Labor and Employment, will conduct a two-day skills and competencies assessment with selected students from different colleges at the university as part of the Philippine Talent Map Initiative (PTMI). The objective of PTMI is the assessment of the skills and competencies of young Filipinos on 15 skills-area: Planning and Organizing, Social Perceptiveness, Innovation, Multi-Tasking, Workplace Ethics, Stress Tolerance, Self-Motivation, Problem Sensitivity,