Admission Qualifications

1. Senior High School Graduate

Admission Test Requirements

Documents to be submitted:

  • Accomplished and Printed On-line Application form for College
  • Two (2) Pieces Recent 2x2 ID Pictures with Applicants’ Name Tag (Surname, First Name, Middle Initial)
  • Photocopy of Grade 11 Report Card (For Graduating Senior High School)
  • Photocopy of Grade 12 Report Card (For Senior High School Graduates)
  • Photocopy of Transcript of Records (For Transferee/Second Coursers)
  • Photocopy of NSO/PSA Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of Voter's ID or Voter's Certificate (of Biological Parent/s or Sibling if applicant is below 18 years old)
      * If applicant's sibling is the Voter's ID or Certificate provider, bring sibling's Birth Certificate


Please bring original documents for verification. All submitted documents in compliance with the entrance examination requirements shall become property of UMAK and are not to be returned to the applicant.

Admission Process

Step 1.) Freshmen-applicant must apply online for the College Qualifying Examination (CQE).

(On scheduled date given, proceed to UMak Accounting Office for Residency Verification)

The student-applicant is considered Makati resident if he/she meets one of the following criteria:

  • A graduate of any public or private high school in Makati City
  • With parent or sibling who is a Makati Voter if the student-applicant is below 18 years old:
    • Photocopy of Voter’s Certification or Voter’s I.D. of parent or sibling is required.
    • Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate of student-applicant’s sibling is required.
  • A registered voter of Makati City if the student-applicant is 18 years old and above:
    • Photocopy of Voter’s Certification or Voter’s I.D. of student-applicant is required.

Step 2.) Freshmen-applicant must report to the Testing, Admission and Scholarship Center (TASC) to submit accomplished downloaded application form with complete admission requirements.

  • Senior High School Card
  • Residency Verification Form (From Accounting Office)

Step 3.) Pay 50 pesos Registration and Testing Fee (UMAK Cashier-Ground Floor Admin Building) and Secure the examination schedule and permit from the TASCenter.

Step 4.) Freshmen-applicant must take the College Qualifying Examination based on the given schedule of examination.

Step 5.) Secure the Notice of Admission based on the schedule given by TASCenter.

Step 6.) Proceed to the Medical and Dental Clinic for submission of chest X-ray result and physical examination.

Step 7.) Qualified applicant should tagged on the academic program of his/her choice based on the academic grade required by the college/center.

Step 8.) Issuance of College Admission Notice and password for online Enrolment.

Step 9.) Proceed for the online enrolment of the academic program of his/her choice.

Admission Test

All Freshmen-applicants for college admission are required to take the College Qualifying Examination (CQE). This examination covers Language Skills (English and Filipino), Mathematics, General Physics, Science and General Information which is being done for 3 hours. In addition, Personality Test will be administered based on the request of the college. (COAHS, CAS-Psychology Department)


Admission Test

All student-applicants for the Senior High School Program are required to take the University of Makati Admission Test (UMAT). This examination covers Language Skills (English and Filipino), Mathematics and General Information which is being done for 2 ½ hours.