A.Y. 2018-2019 - Summer

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Online Change of Matriculation is now closed.

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Change of Matriculation

You must Have finished On-line Enrollment(with printed COR) to access Change of Matriculation.


  1. Log in using the password used in On-line Enrollment.
  2. Drop:
    Just click the () beside the course of your current load.
    Click the CAN BE ENROLLED button of available courses in your curriculum
  3. Finalize your selection and save by clicking the button. Logout after saving.
  4. Log-in again and wait for the approval of the Registrar's Office (within 8am to 5pm)
  5. Once approved, PRINT the temporary change of matriculation and proceed to the Cashier for PAYMENT (Php 30.00 per course)
  6. Log-In again at https://umak.edu.ph/olcmat/ and PRINT the Final Change of Matriculation Form(NO NEED TO REPRINT THE COR)

Note: Your Change of Matriculation becomes OFFICIAL and VALID once PRINTED