Welcome to the UMak Online Enrollment and Assessment (OLEA)

This Page provides Reminders to help make your online enrollment/registration a success. Once you are able to download and or print your Certificate of Registration (COR), it means that you are successful in your OLEA transaction and it also means that you are an officially enrolled student of UMak.

Here are some important Reminders to guide you through:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the UMak OLEA app by reading and understanding the reminders stated on this page. When ready, you may start by accessing the umak.edu.ph/olea using a laptop or a desktop computer. Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection within the duration of your enrollment/registration period. For updates, make it a habit to check your email at least twice a day during the enrollment/registration period.
  2. Make sure to finish the enrollment/registration process by printing your Certificate of Registration (COR) that can be found in your UMak email. If you have not received your COR after payment, please contact the ITC office by filling out the Google form link and select the Technical and Scan-to-Pay Concerns. NO COR means that you are UNOFFICIALLY ENROLLED, therefore you cannot claim credits for unofficially registered courses.
  3. Make sure you have passed all the prerequisite courses.
  4. For your enrolled course or schedule of classes during the semester, you must click BLOCK SECTION button. If you need to add/change/drop courses, you need to apply for change of matriculation also known as CMAT, provided you have your Certificate of Registration (COR). It is filed within the first three days of opening of classes (please check the schedule of CMAT in the https://www.umak.edu.ph/student for the University Calendar. Use this link: umak.edu.ph/olcmat to apply for Change of Matriculation (CMAT).
  5. For Transferees, please make sure to enroll the courses that you have not previously passed. Consult the Registrar’s Office for crediting of courses by filling out the Google form link and select the Encoding & Crediting of Courses Concerns.
  6. Once your enrolled course/schedule of classes is approved by the College, you will no longer be allowed to change it. However, if the need arises due to unavoidable circumstances, you have to apply for change of matriculation using umak.edu.ph/olcmat. one week after the enrollment/registration schedule.
  7. For working and or irregular students, you may coordinate with your College regarding your enrolled course or schedule of classes for their approval. Working students are advised to email a scanned copy of Certificate of Employment at registrar@umak.edu.ph.
  8. During assessment, you may choose to apply for scholarship or promissory note. Make sure you are qualified to the Scholarship options. This is an additional step in the enrollment/ registration process. Consult the Center for Admission and Scholarship (CAS) also known as TASC office by filling out the Google form link and select the Admission & Scholarship Concerns option for this. Wait for approval of your application for Promissory Note. Scholarship applicants will also have to wait for approval before paying the token fee. Refund will no longer be allowed.
  9. If you wish to change your residency, please check the process for Change of Residency and wait for the approval before paying the token fee. Click the link for the application for change of residency: Change of Residency Google Form
  10. WARNING: Your Enrolled Courses should have been approved by the college before proceeding to assessment otherwise your payment might be invalidated.
  11. For payment of token fee and other fees, use the UMak Scan-to-Pay link http://umak.edu.ph/scantopay/. Make sure that you have a GCash account and note the Reference Number in your GCash transaction. It will be used in the scan- to-pay process.
    Your payment can be adjusted based on the minimum allowable amount by the system. The mandatory fees are NSTP (if applicable), miscellaneous fees, convenience fee plus 30% of the total token fee. Token fee for Makati resident is P1,000.00 and P3,000.00 for non-Makati resident. Other fees are reflected in the assessment. Take note of it so you can input the correct amount using GCash and IBayad respectively.
  12. If you cannot pay for the token fee for this semester, you may apply for a Promissory Note. Contact the Accounting office by filling out the Google form link and select Assessment, Promissory Note & Residency Concerns option to process your application for promissory note. If approved, you will still need to pay for the miscellaneous fees in the amount of more or less P300.00 plus the convenience fee of P10.00 as partial payment. Google form link: Promissory Note Google Form
  13. Your Certificate of Registration (COR) will be emailed to your UMak gmail account within 72 hours after successful transaction. Download and print it. Then present it to your professors on the first day of classes.
  14. In case you encounter a problem or have a concern, contact the offices listed below by filling out this Google Form link: Enrollment Concerns Google Form
    • Encoding & Crediting of Courses Concerns - Office of the University Registrar
    • Technical and Scan-to-Pay Concerns - Information Technology Center
    • Assessment, Promissory Note & Residency Concerns - Accounting Office
    • Admission & Scholarship Concerns - TASC
    • Schedule Approval & Section Concerns - College where your program belongs
    • Other Concerns - Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development at 8883-1875.