Verification Process

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List of Records Processing time
Transcript of Records
  • Employment (with or without a picture)
  • Evaluation (with or without a picture)
  • Board/Bar Exam (with picture only)
30 working days
Transfer Credential 5 working days
Leave of Absence 5 working days
Withdraw Credentials 5 working days
  • Graduation
  • Enrollment
  • Units Earned
  • General Weighted Average
  • Medium of Instruction

  1. 5 working days
  2. 5 working days
  3. 14 working days
  4. 14 working days
  5. 5 working days

Select the type of documents you want to request from the REQUEST FOR box

Requirement per type of document (as of February 14, 2023) Records
1. Complete Online Clearance (application through OLTRAS) ALL
2. Original hard copy of Form 137-A or Transcript of Records copy for the University of Makati TOR, Transfer Credential, and Certification
3. One Documentary Stamp per set of record TOR, Transfer Credential, and Certification
4. Photo must be 2x2 in size on plain white background. Submit the photo upon release of records TOR with picture (For Board examination purposes of SOL)
5. Accomplished Leave of Absence Form (LoA) form LOA
6. Applicable to students who did not earned credits. All issued documents by the University of Makati must be returned Withdraw Credentials
  • Multiple Requests can be selected.
  • Schedules available are from Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM except holidays or suspension of work.
  • Select the type of Documents you want to request.
    Example: Certification, Authentication, Verification (CAV) ,Transcript of Records (TOR)
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